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2012 - 01.21

Book One: The Real Me



Zortz, a two foot tall, green puppet, is purchased by Ms. Joyce and Grandpa.  They quickly learn that Zortz is very unique.  Zortz can do everything except talk.  Ms. Joyce and Grandpa learn to read Zortz’ mind.  Before long, Zortz travels with Ms. Joyce and Grandpa everywhere.  When Grandpa puts Zortz on a float in a parade, she falls off and has to save herself.  When they go to a rodeo, a dam breaks and Zortz has to save herself and a little dog.  Later, Zortz gets to go skydiving.  Here Zortz is blown away.  Again, Zortz finds herself alone and in a position where she again has to save herself.  But, this time she is also able to stop a kidnapping.   Zortz finds that all though she is different, she is happy with herself.  Zortz is happy with The Real Me.


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Book Two: Zortz saves Black Friday



Ms. Joyce and Zortz entertain at a Bankers’ Convention.  After the entertainment, Zortz is in an adjoining room where she overhears two men talking about papering the town.  Zortz has no idea what the men are talking about, so is anxious to ask Ms. Joyce questions. However, on the way home in an ice storm, Ms. Joyce slides off the road.  Zortz has to find a way to get out of the car and trudge home through the ice storm to get help from Grandpa.  When everyone is safe, Zortz remembers that she overhear the two men.  After Grandpa hears the story, he takes Zortz to the police department.  Here he has to reveal Zortz’ secret to the Chief of Police. After Chief Owens is convinced of Zortz’ skill, he uses her to help catch the counterfeiters.  Zortz again realizes that even though she is different, she is special.

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Book Three: Zortz finds Gold



Grandpa takes Ms. Joyce and Zortz to Telluride, Colorado, where Zortz will see a doctor about learning to talk.  However, as they travel in their motorhome, Zortz gets out of the motorhome and is left behind.  As Zortz waits for Grandpa to return for her, she is discovered by a little girl.  Now Zortz has to find a way to escape form the little girl and again wait for Grandpa to come back.  After Zortz is reunited with Ms. Joyce and Grandpa, they go to an isolated campground.  Here Zortz learns what a porcupine can do.  In Telluride, Zortz goes into the post office with Ms. Joyce.  Here they see pictures of Most Wanted men.  Later, Zortz will encounter one of the men on a hiking trail.  The man steals Cindy, Grandpa’s golden retriever dog.  Now Zortz has to save Cindy, go for help as Grandpa and Ms. Joyce are stranded at the Old Tom Boy Mine, and help capture the escaped criminal.  Zortz again finds that being different, as she is only two feet tall, green, and she can’t talk, isn’t a disadvantage, but a challenge.

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Book Four: Zortz Underground



In Book Four, Zortz gets to learn the history of the Dalton Defenders and the Dalton raid on Coffeyville, Kansas.  She gets to visit Meade, Kansas, where she walks through the underground tunnel that the Dalton’s gang used as an escape if the sheriff was coming for them.  On Grandpa’s farm, Zortz falls through a hole and ends up in an underground tunnel.  As Zortz struggles to find an escape route, she is joined by Iakoi, an imaginary friend, who helps her find the way out of the underground tunnel.  Before they get to the end of the tunnel, they find hidden items and overhear men talking about robbing houses.  Zortz knows that she has to escape the tunnel, undetected by the men, and warn Grandpa and Chief Owens about the robbers.  Again Zortz is in a position to help the police.  But, now she has her new friend, Iakoi.

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Book Five: Zortz helps the Police



Believing that nothing will happen, but wanting to be on the safe side, Chief Owens asks Zortz to do surveillance at the library where a valuable painting is on display.  As Grandpa, Ms. Joyce, and Zortz arrive at the library, they see the librarians trying to chase a squirrel out of the library.  Grandpa is able to get a live trap which the squirrel is later captured in.  Then Zortz is herself in the library.  When she hears footsteps coming up the stairs, Zortz sticks her hand into the cage holding the squirrel.  The two men take the painting, the squirrel cage, and Zortz.  They hide the painting in one of the men’s home.  The squirrel they padlock in the cage.  Zortz is thrown away.  Zortz feels her jobs are to save the squirrel, get pictures of the house where the painting is hidden, and take the information to the police.  But, after hiding the squirrel, Zortz learns that the men know she had a camera hidden on her and was taking their picture.  Where the men with the police?  Would it be safe to go to the police?  What could she do?



Book Six: Zortz and the Magic Castle


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