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2012 - 01.22

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Many children pretend their doll or bears are real. In THE MISADVENTURES OF ZORTZ, Zortz, a little girl puppet, has all the characteristic of being real except for talking. Ms. Joyce and Grandpa are able to communicate with Zortz by reading her mind.

Joyce Blake Long lives with her husband, Marvin, in a rural area of Kansas. Joyce has taught in all grade Pre-K through Community College. She now works as an online teacher for adults seeking a high school diploma. Joyce works with her puppet, Zortz, and entertains for many different organizations.

Margie Blake Trotter lives with her husband, Eddie, in Oklahoma. Margie has her own studio were she paints, quilts, scrapbooks, and sews. She also designs costumes and stage sets. This is the first time that she has collaborated with her sister and illustrated a book.

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